Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Finished some...need more... Sewing machine broke UGH!

Good morning my friends
Well I finished up some bears and bunnies and was planning to keep going but all of a sudden the sewing machine jams right in the middle of a bear. The hubby tried very hard to fix it but no luck. Thank goodness we have a really good sewing store here because after about 4 hours of fixing and general maintenance we are back on schedule and the sewing machine is working.
I will be adding these furry creatures to my website so come on over and have a peak.
Well I am off to take the kids to school, have a workout then it is back to the sewing. Have a wonderful day everyone. Hugs


  1. Evening, found your wonderful nblog and I am a new follower now.....Love all the sweet furry creatures, great job, Francine.

  2. Thanks Francine! AND thank you for joining!!