Monday, 18 February 2013

New bear designs

Hi Everyone
I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend. It is Family day weekend so that means a long weekend and boy do I have to tell you it has been a LOOOONG weekend. But back to a little peace and quiet tomorrow. I sure don't sound like I could win mother of the year when I am complaining on Family Day weekend. LOL!!!
Oh we'll nobody is perfect!
But.... It has been a somewhat productive weekend with some new bear designs for my website. If you get a moment come and have a look at these and many new things that I have added!
Well I must go and get some kids off to bed!
Have a lovely evening my friends!
Many blessings to you all


  1. Evening, love the little fellow, so sweet..Francine.

  2. I love your Standing Bear.. Very Sweet.. I have a pattern to make dolls stand..Havn't tackled it yet.. But It is in my very LONG "2-Do" List! I have 2 Children myself (3 if you count the hubby) and I sooo look forward to my Mondays.. It is nice to have everyone home & together as a family on weekends.. But I look forward to Mondays..HAHAHHA!
    My Children & Hubby home this week on Vacation so I feel your Pain!!

  3. Thank you everyone for your very kind words

  4. Your bears are so cute Darlene!!!