Friday, 22 February 2013

A Friday well Spent

I found an antique store in my own town today and decided I would drop in. That was one of the best decision I have ever made. I purchased everything in this picture for $60.00 no tax. I scored today my friends. I usually don't have very good luck but today was great.
NOW.... I would like everyone to help me... I found a large primitive wooden dough box for $90.00 is that a good price or not. They are not easy to find around here and he has dropped the price from $170 to $90. Let me know what all you think about that
Have a wonderful weekend my friends
Hugs to you all


  1. Oh wow...I love all of your finds !! Makes me wanna go !!! have no clue how much a dough box would go for, reasonably....I hope that's a good deal , though, and you can scoop it up !!

  2. Great stuff! I passed on a dough bowl for $90. once...with early red paint...I still kick myself!!! Don't know the going rate these days but if you are still thinking about tomorrow go for it!

  3. Great finds !!
    I think you should go buy the dough box :)

  4. Jackpot!!!!!! Love all your goodies, those graters are wonderful and mashers.....hummmmm where is that Antique store. :) Francine.

  5. You did hit the jackpot! Hubby Bob and I own an antique store in Marine City, Michigan across the river from Sombra Ontario, and what you paid for your goodies was a steal. Just became your newest follower, and look forward to gwtting to know you more. Janice

  6. Great finds! And for me too that I found your blog!

    best wishes

  7. What a awesome bunch of greatness! I too do not find to many antiques by me so when I find something I love I go for it. You can always ask if they'll take less...I did that with a pie safe I was drooling over. I got it for $50 less! I would've paid full price, I loved it so much!;)
    Love reading your posts! I just found your blog.