Monday, 4 March 2013

Maybe some Primitive Sunflowers will bring the spring weather....

Hello My Friends!!
Well I have been very busy trying to get some more things done for my website, my spring show that is quickly approaching and for the March update for PHM! I just don't know where the time goes. I always have these big plans and by the end of the day I think "How in the world was I going to get that all done" LOL!! Oh well tomorrow is another day!
I bought this pattern from Peach Bottom Primitives and decided that although sunflowers are usually for the fall I just have to make them now. Sunflowers are my most favourite flower and I thought if I make some they may just brighten my mood and get me out of this winter blah! I am sure that any flower right about now would be nice. I am getting very tired of the cold snowy weather that just seems like it will never go away.
Well my friends I must go and tuck the kids in and then make the most of some working hours that are left tonight.
Hugs and blessings to all of you


  1. Evening Darlene, love the prim sunflowers, look great......trying to think Spring but it's snowing right now.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Wonderful prim sunflowers and by the bucket load too - they would brighten up any room!
    Hope you get lots done!
    Best wishes

  3. Love these sunflowers . . . too cute. Spring or Fall they look great :O) Blessings, Sandy